Mind of a Killer

The age-old chicken-or-the-egg riddle applies when trying to understand mind of a killer: Is it the serial killer psychological makeup affirming itself through murder, or is it their environment that creates the capacity within them to kill others? Complicating the issue further is the various typologies of murderers – does a certain psychological condition make […]

Lights, Camera, Eat him: The film industry’s strange fascination with cannibalism

In the real world, cannibal stories never fail to horrify the public. Cannibal killers such as Jeffrey Dahmer or Armin Meiwes captured the imagination of a global audience because they engaged in the horrific act. Considering that cannibalism remains among society’s deepest taboos, it was inevitable and natural that film makers sought to exploit the […]

Cannibalism: From tradition to repulsion

Cannibalism has a social stigma attached to it – it is considered a perversion reserved for the psychologically disturbed. The story of Armin Meiwes, the German 41-year old who had his ad answered by Bernd Brandes in 2001 allowing him to eat him, shocked and horrified Germans and captured the attention of the world. Other […]

The German Cannibal: Armin Meiwes and the moral dilemmas his case creates

War is simply an implicit agreement between parties who engage in it to provide a legal basis to murder that would in other contexts be entirely unscrupulous. What is rape, but sexual intercourse made unpardonable by the rejection of it by the victim? In a broad context, consensus appears to be the basis of legality […]