Same end, different means: The typologies of killers

Killers come in all forms. Some killers do it on large scale, some on small; some do it for hate, some for pleasure; some accredit it to mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, some to disenchantment of their social environment. Legally speaking, there are three dimensions by which to measure the murder’s offense: the methodology, the […]

Vlad The Impaler

The most brutal killer in history:  Vlad The Impaler Vlad The Impaler is a legendary figure in history, famous for his torturing and punishment techniques. It is said that he had impailed more than 30,000 people and according to some historians he killed around 100,000 people. But more than how many people Vlad Dracula killed, […]

Frau Elfriede – Blackwidow

There are famous women serial killers in history as well as men. The women serial killers are cooler than men and can kill many people for decades without being caught. They are also more talented in playing their roles of innocent. One of the most famous women serial killers is the blackwidow Frau Elfriede Blauensteiner, […]

Dr. Killer Network

Dr Killer Network proudly presents the killer secrets you need to know. If you like murder stories, here you are. Are you a  scary person? If the answer is “YES” then, help us to make others frighten. If the answer is “NO” then, be ready to be frightened. The dictionary meaning of Killer is “someone […]